The All-In-One Genetic Diagnostic Tool

Lowest cost per test

Optimized and replaceable cartridges for versatility and efficiency

results in 90 minutes

Working in the microscale offers unmatched accuracy and speed

No Training

Eliminate the need for costly clinical labs and their lab technicians

Our Mission

Our goal is to create the best diagnostic tool to improve healthcare at all levels, from large hospitals to small private practices.

Clinical laboratories are expensive, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in state-of-the-art equipment and in lab technician salaries. Smaller healthcare providers do not have their own laboratory facilities, thus they either send their patients to a more equipped facility or outsource the lab work to a laboratory. This leads to delayed test results and delayed patient care.

Even mid-sized hospitals suffer from the costs of running laboratory facilities. There is an increasing trend for middle tier hospitals to outsource their labwork to outside companies. The current market size for these outsourced laboratories is $55 billion. We want to bring the means of diagnosis back to these hospitals and to smalller practices.


Using DNA as a key, our device has the potential to detect anything ranging from bacterial or viral infection to cancer and tumor malignancy. Our diagnostic tool is only limited by what can and cannot be detected through DNA analysis, which stops short of conditions such as poisoning or physical trauma.

Currently, 3DIMAGENE is focusing on developing a blood test that detects bacterial and viral infections, coupled with indication of antibiotic or antiviral resistance. After the finalization of the core device, we will move on to create other diagnostic test cartridges.

Our current process (in the sequence of the video) utilizes electrowetting, digital PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), and IC3D technology.

The electrowetter will allow for the device to both break open the cells to release the DNA and mix the blood sample with the chemical reagents contained in the test cartridge.

Digital PCR will iincrease the speed of the device and allow for the calculation of the concentration of the target specimen. This means that the product will be able to identify which bacteria is present in the sample and provide the concentration of that bacteria.

The IC3D technology will significantly reduce the time required to analyze the post PCR sample. It is also the key component that will allow 3DIMAGENE to calculate the cocnentration of bacteria in the sample.


Our strategy for market entry is to target healthcare providers that outsource their laboratory tests. The clinical diagnostic market is $72 billion and $44 billion is spent on outsourced labs. The advantage of 3DImagene over outsourcing is that healthcare providers can receive immediate results for reduced costs.

After establishing 3DImagene in the intial market, we will move on to target the hospitals that complete their lab work in house. Our device can reduce the cost per test and reduce the number of trained lab technicians in the clinical laboratory.


Although there are several devices currently on the market that strive to reduce the time and space required to diagnose MRSA, all the devices that use blood still require a full lab to culture the blood prior to putting it into the device. Our device would eliminate the need for the human expertise required for an external blood culture. As for the devices that use nasal swabs, they do not have the sensitivity to claim that a negative result indicates no MRSA, which is arguably just as important as a correct positive result. As you can see by the table below, our device would also have the fastest turnaround time out of all the devices currently on the market.


We are a group of close friends who have faced numerous challenges together throughout our college careers. We are soon-to-be alumni of the Henry Samaeli Schooll of Engineering at UC Irvine. The 3DIMAGENE family values respect and communication and we strive to make a difference in the world in the way we know best.

Junming Cai

Project Leader Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science

Jack Chong

Micro and Nano Biomedical Engineering and Immunology

Robert Dunn

Biomedical Engineering, Biology, Psychology

Jasmine Morris

Materials Science and Biomaterials

Audrey Vu

Micro and Nano Biomedical Engineering and Biology

Kellie Won

Biomedical Engineering


3DIMAGENE • To know more about our project, please email us at junmingc@uci.edu